This story, like so many others before, starts on an otherwise ordinary day. A young farmer spent the warm and damp morning laboring in his fields and gardens, and was set to make his way across his land to return to the loving arms of his family.

But the world was about to change.


In a cataclysmic event now known as the Piercing of the Veil, untold power was unleashed upon the world. In the chaos, the young man’s fields, friends, and family were taken from the world.

Wondering in the aftermath, the young man travelled aimlessly across the realm in search of the root of the power that destroyed his life. Stumbling in the dark, he found himself at the step of a fraternal Order, who welcomed them in as one of their own.

The order did not question the young man for many days, but allowed him to remain in their company and work the land with their members. The young man kept to himself, but worked diligently with his new brothers. Focused on work in the sheltered environment of the Order, life seemed to return to normal.

One evening, an orphan was welcomed within the walls of the Order. The orphan’s tale mirrored the tale of the young man: his family being ruined by the Piercing. The orphan’s tale shook the young man.┬áThe pain became too much to bear, and the young man began to tremble with all the emotion boiling back inside.

An elder in the Order confronted the young man about his pain and emotional collapse. From the tone of the elder’s voice, the young man recognized a subtle tone of bitter experience in the way the elder spoke. Pain crossed all three generations of men — the orphan, the young man, and the elder — within the confines of the Order.

Over the next few days, the young man opened up to the elder of the Order. In turn, the elder inspired the young man to a course of action outside of the walls of the Order. Through the pain of loss, the young man took vows as Friar Jon, committing to serving the weary, the hurt, and those searching for their own way.

After receiving a blessing from the elder, Friar Jon left the safety of the Order to serve those in the chaotic world. The Friar’s Boon was about to be born.

Stay tuned for more….